來自法國的訂房平台Dayuse,因跳脫一般的旅行方式,主打「Daycation 日間住房」,自2010年問世至今,不只吸引了許多民眾的使用,它也漸漸改變著人們「旅行」的方式。
Seize the day
Dayuse founder David Lebee's interest in hospitality may have been planted within a traditional luxury hotel setting, but it would soon bloom into a new business model and revenue stream.
【MR│Travel】來個不一樣的WFH – Work From Hotel!
疫情之下相信不少人都增加了在家工作的時間,不過香港寸金呎土,即使在家已不是太容易得到寧靜的工作空間,有沒有想過能夠同時在一天內到酒店遊玩順便放鬆心情完成工作?Dayuse一直是全球領先的日間酒店(Daycation)預訂平台,可以讓你在早上6時至晚上11時期間入住,既能享受著酒店的樂趣又不用擔心要過夜而另外準備行李,編輯實試後也非常推薦大家來一個小小的get away呢
Weekend Dos: Daycation with Dayuse, M+ museum’s virtual film programme and more
Try a daycation! What’s that? You’re just going to have to scroll down to find that one out — right alongside a couple more ideas for things to do this weekend.
法國訂房平台Dayuse進軍台灣 主打白天玩頂級飯店不過夜費用最高省75%
法國訂房網Dayuse進軍台灣!享受頂級飯店白天時光 最高省75%費用
法國訂房平台進軍台灣 主打「日間住房」新模式 最高可省下75%房費
Dayuse, the world's leading hotel reservation network, presents Valentine's Day romance
Entering 2022, the epidemic is still continuing, and the new round of social distancing measures has been extended to February, which has made many couples' original sweet plans to fail. Want to at least be sure to spend a romantic moment with your loved one during these extraordinary times? Dayuse, the world's leading Daycation hotel booking platform , can solve your Valentine's Day troubles. Dayuse's brand-new daytime accommodation experience allows guests to freely choose their check-in time between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm; and provides a one-stop service, allowing couples to easily book their favorite hotel, bringing unexpected surprises to the ordinary date. Surprise and freshness.
Daycation(日間住宿),讓大家可在白天時段彈性入住酒店客房兼享用酒店設施。 Staycation 聽得到,原來仲有Daycation(日間住宿),讓大家可以喺白天時段彈性入住酒店客房兼享用酒店設施,最啱喺同另一半或者好友Book酒店房相聚。
Valentine's Day 2022💕10 sweet activity proposals: ice cream, DIY gifts, watching the sunset with zero budget
Valentine's Day Places 2022 are out! Cosmo has selected 10 sweet proposals, romantic staycation in hotels, ice cream "putting the topic" sweet honey, gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends to make warm lights by hand, zero Budget to watch the sunset to avoid epidemics and avoid crowds... The editor provides many good ideas for you to spend with your favorites A romantic and wonderful day, you should not miss it if you are planning to bring your other half!
Daycation、復古懷舊風?情人節 Staycation 新玩法推介!
情人節點子|Daycation@香港朗廷酒店/Hotel ICON唯港薈/
Introducing 3 daytime hotel booking platforms Daycation+Workcation
Under the epidemic, everyone can't travel as they want, so Hong Kong people's demand for Staycation has greatly increased, filling the regret of not being able to travel! For two whole years, we seem to be slowly getting used to this new normal life, but in the post-epidemic era, in addition to Staycation, a holiday mode of Daycation has also emerged, and at the same time, because of the extra WFH time, commuting to get off work The time has become blurred, so many people will choose to move the office to the hotel. The hotel provides spacious and quiet office space, equipped with coffee machine and in-room catering services, to easily create a more comfortable working environment. In fact, there are many platforms that provide daytime hotel booking services, and the prices are more favorable than booking on the hotel's official website. Here are a few high-quality platforms recommended for you!
Day-time Staycation promotion: Half-price stay at the hotel Daycation! Early check-in + Lounge all-you-can-drink
Daytime Staycation Promotion] Don’t have time for a two-day and one-night Staycation? Don't think about the recent popular hotel Daycation (Daycation)! In addition to enjoying hotel services and facilities as usual, you can also check-in in the morning, and the price is much cheaper than overnight stay, very affordable!
[New ideas for local fun] Five-star hotel Daycation/Workcation @Dayuse
As a day hotel booking platform Daycation, Dayuse strives to collect and provide diversified hotel accommodation options, ranging from internationally renowned brands to local boutique hotels, and equipped with a variety of top leisure facilities, hoping to bring an unparalleled Daycation experience to the public. The platform currently cooperates with more than 7,000 hotels in 26 countries, providing one-stop services to help families easily book their favorite hotels, check in between 6 am and 11 pm, and enjoy the convenience and fun of Daycation!
You Can Now Rent Hotel Rooms by the Minute
Renting rooms by the hour is not a new idea. Just ask any member of the world's oldest profession.
Business or pleasure? Rent these luxury hotel rooms for an afternoon
Top hotels in major cities around the world are offering daytime room rentals at cut-rate prices through tech startup
Are Daytime hotels stays the lastest travel trend?
While the two products are fairly similar, there are a couple of differences that may sway you one way or the other, depending on your preferences. As You Stay is available only as an app while Day Use is strictly available as a website.