Weekend Dos: Daycation with Dayuse, M+ museum’s virtual film programme and more

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Published on: Lifestyle Asia l 25/02/2022 l Direct link

Written by: Joey Wong

What’s that? Sunshine? After a dreary, bone-chilled week of huddling by space heaters and feeling like you’ll never, ever, ever feel warm again, a grand ol’ sunny day is certainly cause for celebration. Thank you, sun! And to celebrate, please hoist your booty from that one spot that’s all yours on the couch and starting doing things this weekend. Quickly, now. Before the world ends.

Let's be honest: there’s really not much to do right now. Yes, you can eat to your heart’s content, but three square meals a day is only, really, three things to do. Get your steps in this Saturday and do some strolling to Times Square, where you can tick off even more meals at Calioo x Omni Seafood’s marketplace. Or try a daycation! What’s that? You’re just going to have to scroll down to find that one out — right alongside a couple more ideas for things to do this weekend.

Weekend Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Dos (In the tune of “Baby Shark”):

Sick of staycations? Try a Dayuse daycation