Dayuse, the world's leading hotel reservation network, presents Valentine's Day romance

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Published on | 28/01/2022 | Direct Link

Entering 2022, the epidemic is still continuing, and the new round of social distancing measures has been extended to February, which has made many couples' original sweet plans to fail. Want to at least be sure to spend a romantic moment with your loved one during these extraordinary times? Dayuse, the world's leading Daycation hotel booking platform , can solve your Valentine's Day troubles. Dayuse's brand-new daytime accommodation experience allows guests to freely choose their check-in time between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm; and provides a one-stop service, allowing couples to easily book their favorite hotel, bringing unexpected surprises to the ordinary date. Surprise and freshness.

Dayuse provides a wide range of hotel accommodation options. In addition to internationally renowned hotel brands, it also gathers local boutique hotels. Want to unwind in a comfortable and spacious room, enjoy a romantic rose petal bath, and indulge in warm and sweet moments; or add a cocktail to the sunset, and still enjoy a candlelit dinner for two after 6 o'clock? Dayuse day accommodation booking network has everything, allowing you to easily enjoy the fun of Daycation!
In addition, Dayuse conducted a survey on Hong Kong people's willingness to Daycation on Valentine's Day, and found that 75% of Hong Kong people surveyed said they were looking forward to trying Daycation on Valentine's Day. As many as 90% of Hong Kong people said that the most enjoyable activity in booking a Daycation is to spend a sweet time with their partner, followed by wanting to enjoy a moment of tranquility and enjoying wine and food with their lover (85%). The romantic Daycation experience is not necessarily all roses and champagne. One out of every seven respondents wants to play video games with their other half during Daycation, immerse themselves in the intimate cooperation in the game, and cultivate the tacit understanding between couples. enhance mutual affection.
Exclusive romantic experience for two in a world room dinner Love
a simple candlelight dinner, but at the same time want to add a romantic surprise to the traditional? Through Dayuse reservations, you can arrange in-room dining reservations at The Langham, Hong Kong , allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy wine and dine in the most intimate space. Even after 6:00 pm, you can still enjoy the romantic delicacy and spend an unforgettable sweet time together.

Stepping into The Langham, Hong Kong, the elegant decoration and gorgeous design of the lobby will make you feel like you are in an exotic European country, which is the perfect prelude to this romantic adventure. The hotel pays meticulous attention to details, and cooperates with all the accommodation facilities to create a unique accommodation experience for you and your lover. Overlooking the hotel's garden, after enjoying a rich breakfast, return to the large and comfortable room to relax and welcome the unforgettable candlelight banquet with the most pleasant mood.
Revel in the afternoon time and savour the sweet afternoon tea with your lover
By booking a Daycation on Dayuse, meet your loved ones at Hotel ICON , and taste the classic "GODIVA Sweet Gift Afternoon Tea", bringing delicate elegance to the tongue of sweet taste.

Located in the bustling city of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hotel ICON has one of the largest indoor vertical gardens in Asia, allowing you to feel the greenery of nature in the city. The classic themed afternoon tea is presented in the shape of a vinyl turntable, layer by layer full of luxurious GODIVA chocolate desserts and delicate salty snacks, adding sweetness and warmth to the romantic date time.
VIP-level luxury experience Hotel Executive Lounge Privilege Privileges The Executive Lounge at
InterContinental Grand Canyon Hong Kong is definitely the best choice to experience the VIP-level luxury of the hotel. Even if you stay during the day, you can enjoy a different luxury Daycation experience. Dayuse and InterContinental Grand Hong Kong Harbour View special Valentine's Day package, allowing guests to stay in the high-level InterContinental Executive Club deluxe room from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, including HKD 300 minibar credit, exclusive InterContinental Club The extraordinary and distinguished privileges allow you to enjoy the magnificent views of Victoria Harbour and the skyline up close, and enjoy a comfortable and romantic time with your lover.

The InterContinental Executive Club has a magnificent view of the Victoria Harbour. You can not only sit indoors and enjoy exquisite afternoon tea, but also go out to the outdoor platform to experience the tranquil scenery of nature. As the sun goes down, you can enjoy the sunset with your lover in the guest room while sipping the intoxicating cocktails, leaving unforgettable memories for Valentine's Day.
Dream Bubble Journey and Beloved Rejuvenate Body and Soul
Want to slow down this Valentine's Day, let the time pass slowly, and feel the romantic atmosphere with your significant other? The Daycation experience at Cordis, Hong Kong allows you and your partner to unleash yourself and experience a sweet couples bubble bath. The hotel rooms are all equipped with elegant marble bathtubs. Immerse yourself in the warm bubble bath. While surrounded by countless fragrant bubbles, you can taste the slightly intoxicating bubbles of champagne to relieve stress and wash your body more thoroughly. soul.

Cordis Hong Kong has a comfortable Dream Bed with a variety of soft and firm pillows to choose from. The extra-large floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the guest rooms can overlook the splendid city view, creating a unique Daycation experience for you.
Log on to the Dayuse booking site now to choose the Valentine's Day experience that suits you best, and create flawless and sweet memories for this year's Valentine's Day!