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Published on | 10/01/2022 | Direct Link

By: Yui Choi

Under the epidemic, everyone can't travel as they want, so Hong Kong people's demand for Staycation has greatly increased, filling the regret of not being able to travel! For two whole years, we seem to be slowly getting used to this new normal life, but in the post-epidemic era, in addition to Staycation, a holiday mode of Daycation has also emerged, and at the same time, because of the extra WFH time, commuting to get off work The time has become blurred, so many people will choose to move the office to the hotel. The hotel provides spacious and quiet office space, equipped with coffee machine and in-room catering services, to easily create a more comfortable working environment. In fact, there are many platforms that provide daytime hotel booking services, and the prices are more favorable than booking on the hotel's official website. Here are a few high-quality platforms recommended for you!

Day Hotel Booking Platform Promotion

Personalized Choice - Dayuse

Dayuse provides a wide range of hotel accommodation options, ranging from well-known international brands to local boutique hotels, and currently cooperates with more than 7,000 hotels in 26 countries, including New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, ICON, Langham Hotel, InterContinental Grand Harbour View, etc. And many other five-star hotel options, providing one-stop service booking service. Compared with other booking platforms, Dayuse provides a more personalized and flexible daytime hotel experience. Taking ICON as an example, in addition to different room types (City King/City Twin/Habour View) and time slot options, it also All have the option of "recommended on demand", and you can join the parking service according to your personal needs. Different hotels have different "on-demand" options. For example, users of Cordis hotels can join service experiences such as "Gourmet Box" and "Red Wine".

In addition, daytime room rates are up to 75% off compared to overnight stays, and booking methods are more flexible. You can confirm your booking through the website or mobile app, and then pay at the hotel when you check in. No credit card required to book. And at the last minute before check-in, you can cancel the reservation for free, which is quite flexible. In addition, Dayuse has a customer comment column on the homepage of each booking. Users can choose a hotel according to the comments of other guests, and they can also leave comments after the experience.