Valentine's Day 2022💕10 sweet activity proposals: ice cream, DIY gifts, watching the sunset with zero budget

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Published on | 26/01/2022 | Direct Link

By Candy Chau

Valentine's Day Places 2022 are out! Cosmo has selected 10 sweet proposals, romantic staycation in hotels, ice cream "putting the topic" sweet honey, gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends to make warm lights by hand, zero Budget to watch the sunset to avoid epidemics and avoid crowds... The editor provides many good ideas for you to spend with your favorites A romantic and wonderful day, you should not miss it if you are planning to bring your other half!

Hotel Daycation - Daytime high-quality accommodation and dining experience

Good place for Valentine's Day 2022💕10+ sweet proposals: hotel Staycation, ice cream, hand-made gifts for boyfriend and girlfriend, zero budget

If you have a small budget and want to share a high-quality hotel accommodation and dining experience with your significant other, Daycation is also a good choice. The epidemic continues, and the new round of social distancing measures has been extended to February, which makes many couples' Valentine's Day sweet plans need to be temporarily changed. Want to at least ensure that you can spend a romantic moment with your loved ones during these extraordinary times, have you ever thought about having a Daycation in a hotel? Dayuse hotel booking platform Dayuse offers a variety of new day accommodation experiences. Guests can freely choose to stay between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm, and can enjoy different hotel services, which are more cost-effective than the hotel Stacaytion.

Daycation at Cordis, Hong Kong - Dream Bubble Journey and Beloved Rejuvenate Body and Soul

Rooms at Cordis, Hong Kong all feature elegant marble bathtubs. Couples can indulge in a warm bubble bath, surrounded by countless fragrant bubbles, while sipping champagne. In addition to eliminating stress, it also thoroughly cleanses the body and mind. In addition, the rooms also have the comfortable Dream Bed, with a variety of soft and firm pillows to choose from; the extra-large floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer a splendid view of the city.

Price: From about $625