Guest post: 5 best travel apps wanderlust addicts must get in 2017

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I was approached by John from to prepare a guest post for my readers. Guest posts aren’t something I’ve really featured on my blog thus far. I thought it might be a nice change of pace for you. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more content from other writers.

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Travel apps inevitably make a nomadic lifestyle easier, and new and improved apps are being developed all of the time. From maps, hotel apps, fitness apps or apps to meet other travellers in your area, there are plenty of things to make your travels easier and more fun. If you are a frequent traveller or living a nomadic life where you are always on the road, check out these travel apps to improve your life whilst travelling.

AsYouStay or

Ever needed a place to stay for just a few hours rather than overnight? Or maybe you need a very early check in, late check out or both? With the AsYouStay app you can book hours rather than nights and only pay for when you stay. This new flexible way of staying in hotels is taking the travel world by storm. Using the app is simple, select where you want to stay, and how long for then check the rates and book. It is quick and easy, with a few clicks you have booked your room at an affordable rate and you are ready to check in. More and more hotels are signing up to this way of working as it benefits them as well as the guests.

Oasis (link to download app)

If you are looking for a home from home type accommodation for your next stay then check out the Oasis app. You can book home stays in over 25 destinations but also enjoy some amenities you would find in a hotel at the same time. They have coined the “Home Meets Hotel” concept, wanting guests to have the convenience of a hotel but within a relaxed home environment. The homes are handpicked and are found in the best areas to stay in each destination. They also offer specialities including In-Person Check-in, Fresh Linens and Toiletries, Professional Cleaning, Free Wi-Fi and Amenity Upgrades. Guests can also get exclusive access to gyms and spas and discounts at local restaurants and bars too, depending on the city you are staying in. You will feel like and be treated as a local during your stay.

Binaural (iTunes App) (Android App)

As a frequent traveller, you will be all too familiar with that feeling of jetlag. Well the app Binaural beats has been developed to tackle this and to help you sleep, focus, or meditate. All you need to do is select a frequency based on colours, set a sleep timer, and press play. You can match Binaural colours depending on your taste, environment, and your mood. Binaural can also generate rain noise and mix it in with the beats sounds to block out surrounding noise. You can also use the rain setting as a white noise maker too. This app will help you to get over your jetlag quicker, and be relaxed for the rest of your break.

Memrise (iTunes app) (Android App)

With memrise you can learn on the go for free. For travellers, I think the best part of this app is the language learning feature. Are you planning a trip to one of the top spring destinations such as Japan? Well use the memrise app to learn some Japanese whilst on the go and you’ll be talking to locals about the spring cherry blossom in no time. Another great feature of the app is that offline learning is available too. So, when on a plane or where the Wi-Fi is poor you can still make use of the app. There are other features and courses to discover but it is recommended for its access to over 200 language courses which is more than enough to keep you occupied on long journeys.

SoloTraveller (iTunes App) (Android App)

When you are travelling on your own it can sometimes get quite lonely so it is nice to meet like-minded people on your journey. The solo traveller app offers the unique chance for you to meet local people nearby, search for nearby backpacking destinations, discover travellers close by with a similar age, gender, location and interests to you and also locate nearby hotels, restaurants, things to do and places to meet your new backpacker friends. If you are worried about travelling alone especially as a female traveller, then the communities here will help you on your way and give you personalised advice.

What travel apps do you use?

Every well-travelled person has their own favourite app they use whilst on the road and can depend on what type of traveller you are. With the constant development of apps to help people get around it is easier than ever to travel. The world is getting smaller and people who wouldn’t usually be able to travel now have the confidence to do so.


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