78 City Road

日間使用,從 HK$ 378.12 起每晚 HK$ 1,128.94-67%
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78 City Road  Chippendale
78 City Road  Chippendale
78 City Road  Chippendale
78 City Road  Chippendale

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Studio Apartment

每晚 HK$ 1,128.94-67%
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Bottle of Champagne

HK$ 189


HK$ 378.12


Hotel specific conditions

This is a lovely, friendly building. All I ask is that you respect our place, and our neighbours with some simple guidelines: This is a smoke-free building, Please don't smoke in the apartment, or in the hallway or stairwell - smoke will blow up into the neighbour's windows. If you are a smoker, please go outside, and well away from the front door and the door of the neighbouring houses. Respect the space and the things in it. Please don't invite visitors into the apartments to stay over. No guests except those registered in advance. Friends who wish to join you for dinner or a drink are cool, but remember that they are your responsibility while you are here, so please, no parties. Please talk quietly in the hallways and use inside voices in the apartment. When moving in and out, please be aware of the noise of bags and wheels on hard surface. The apartment building is quiet, with nice neighbours, so please be respectful to them with noise. 


New self-contained Boutique apartments, elegantly presented to very fine details. Designer king bed. full bathroom, Cesar kitchen, laundry, dining and air conditioning. Fully equipped and neatly presented. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are an easy walk, or just ten minutes on the City Circle train from Central Station/ Redfern Station. We are offering a stylish studio apartment and one bedroom apartments on City Road, 15 minutes walk from Central Station. It is literally a few blocks to town. This is the size and quality of a suite in a high-quality hotel for the price of an average room out of the city.


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78 City Road

78 City Road, Chippendale, NSW, 2008, Australia
+852 5808 1284


Boutique Lodges is located just 30 minutes by train from the airport. The station is located at the northern end of the terminal and accessible from the Arrivals level. To use this service, you will need to purchase an Opal Card from the station. Go to International Airport Station, take to City Circle via Museum and drop at Central (4 stops) Fee: $16 from Central. Then 1. Go to South Concourse 2. Go through tunnel Exit 7 3. Go through tunnel to George St, you will exit at bus station 4. Walk along the George St towards Broadway (or you can get a bux or taxi or Uber for a five minute drive. 

78 City Road

78 City Road, Chippendale, NSW, 2008, Australia